Residency permits

In the Spanish state there are two regimes for foreigners:

– The regime of the European Community, for those who come from the European Union.
– The genereal regime for foreign residents who come from the rest of the world.

The European Community Regime:

If you are going to reside in the State for more than three months, you have to solicit that you are inscribed in the central registry of foreigners, where they will give you a certificate of registry. For that you have to go to the Centre of the National Police. You have to give proof that you have work or with economic means.

The General Regime of Foreigners:

This what applies to the majority of foreign migrants. There are two types of authorizations:

• Authorization of work and residency
• Autorizations of residency. They authorizations of residency can be:
Residency for social ties
– Residency for work ties
Residency for reuniting the family
– Residency for exceptional or humanitarian ties
– Residency of a long duration