Residence for reuniting the family

What is the residency for reunting the family and who can do so?

It’s an authorization that for being a relative of a legal resident in the Spanish state.

To reunite:
– Spouse or a de facto couple. Children, whether their own or of the couple, also if they are adopted, younger than 18 years, youth younger than 18 years who have a disability.
– Mother and father, whether their own or of those of their couple, always that they are older than 65 and depend economicaly on the person who wants to reunite them. In this case, if the person who lives in the State is a migrant, they need to have an authorization of a long term residency.

The person who needs to reunite their family needs to accredit that they have work or the means necessary of employment or economic means.

What documents do you need to come to the State for reunting your family if your spouse has Spanish nationality?

– For the visa for reuniting the family you have to ask for it in the Spanish Consulate in your country.

You need the following documents:

– The solicitation form of a visa for a short duration (Schengen visa), 3 prints, and 3 card sized fotos with a white background.

– Tyour original passport. Look closely at the date of expiration of the passport, it can’t expire in less than 180 days. You also need a copy of the page that has your photograph and the pages where there are rectifications.

– A copy of the ID card of your partner.

– A literal certificane of your matrimony. You need the original and a copy. The easiest is that your partner asks for it and sends it to you. You ask for it in the Civil Registry and you only need your ID names and surnames of both of you, the date and place of matrimony. If you were married in another country, you need a certificate that is valis in the Spanish state, so that the document can be legalized and translated by a legal translator. In the case that you are a common law couple you will need a document that accredits this.

– Certificate of civil registry of your partner.

– An Act of statements. This is a document that your partner must do before a notary. It simply deals with a document where your partner expresses that they mean to regroup you.

How can you regroup your relatives if you are a community migrant?

If you are a migrant coming from a state of the European Union, the the reules that apply to you are much more favorable.

They consider relatives that you can regroup

– To the spouse or partner. That means, apart from a matrimonial relation, it is also taken into account a relation of a couple, always that this is inscribed in a public registry.

– Direct descendents (children), yours or of your partner 21 years-old or older than this age if they live at your charge or have any kind of inability.

– Direct ascendents (mother and father) yours or of your partner, who live at your charge.

– Relatives that are included in the concept of a expanded family.

What requisites are needed to comply so that these relatives con come into the State?

-If they live in a country that belongs to the Schengen Treaty to come to Spain they only need to show their passport and the document or residency card of their country.

– If they live in a country that doesn’t belong to the Schengen Treaty, according to the State in which they live in, they will need a visa or some other kind of documentation to enter in the Spanish state. español.

– Once they have entered, they must solicit before three months the document of a relative or of a community residentn. If you pass this time, they can fine you.

What to do to obtain a card of a relative of a community resident?

– You have to ask for it in the offices of foreigners in the province where you are going to live:

Araba: Olagibel 1, Gasteiz
Bizkaia: GranVía 50, Bilbao
Gipuzkoa: Plaza Pio XII 6, Donostia
Nafarroa: Avenida Gizpuzkoa 40, Iruñea

And follow the instructions that they explain to you. Although you have had to follow the instructions in the Spanish Consulate, in the case that you needed a visa to enter into the State.

What documents are needed?

Who must make the procedures, fill out and sign the documents is the person who wants to reunite the family, not the person who already lives in the State.

– Application form (modelo oficial EX-19).

– A copy of the passport (remember that you must also show it when you make the solicitation, so we recommend that you always carry it with you, just in case).

– A copy of the certificate of the registry of your Community relative, meaning, of the person who already lives in the State and you want to reunite with. – You also have to present the justification that the person you want to come with you economic means. A work contract is sufficient, no matter what is the salary.

– You also have to accredit that they have health assistence. If the relative who wants to reunite with you isn’t covered by the system of health care. If the family member who wants to reunite with you, they must have private insurance.

– Documentation that demonstrates that you are family members (partner, children, mother or father): a marriage certificate or of being a couple, a birth certificate, family register or something similar, a certificate of living under the charge of the person living as a residente of the state (in the case of children older thatn 21, for example)…

When you present the solicitation, they will give you a printed receipt of the costs. In this case you have to pay 10.78 euros. You will have to pay it through a bank transfer. This payment can vary when the budget is passed in 2019.

When you make the solicitation they will also give you a reciept. This receipt is sufficient to demonstrate that you are in the State legally until they give you the card.

How to reunite your relatives if you are a migrant not from the Community?

Apart from the requriements that they ask for in all cases, it is necessary to:

– To have lived in the State – with a residency permit – for a year at least and to have authorization for at least a year.

– Sufficient economic resources: the minimum of 150% IPREM (847,35 euros a month), in the case of being only two people; meaning, you and the other person that you want to reunite with ( your partner, a child). For every other member of the family in the case of only being two people; you and the other person that you want to reunite with (your partner, a child). For each other member of the family, the add 50% of the IPREM to this quantity (282,45 euros more).

They take into account the family income. That means, if your partner (or another family member who lives with you) and you are here and the other two are working, it will be taken into account of what you recieve among both of you. However, if you are recieving help from social aid, it won’t be taken into account.

– In the case that you want to reunite your parents, apart from needing an authorization of residency of a long period, you also have to accredit that your parents need you economically. For that you have to prove that you have been sending money during the past year for more than 51% of the GDP in the country of your origin. You can consult the GDP of every country HERE

– You also have to prove that you have an adequate home. To ask for a report of the disponilibity of of housing you have to go to the office of foreigners of the Basque Government (you can ask for information by calling 012 – it is a number with a normal fee-):

Bilbao: Gran Vía 50 944 509 435   
Donostia: Andia 13
Gasteiz: Ramiro de Maeztu 10
Or, if you live in Navarre, you must ask for it in the town hall.

More information about documentation that you have to present.

Where doy I have to go to ask for reuniting my family?

You can solicit it in the foreigners offices in the province where you live:

Olagibel 1 (Gasteiz)
945 759 490 (información) 945 759 480 (cita previa)

Gran Vía 50 (Bilbao).
944 509 435 (información) 944 509 434 (cita previa)

Plaza Pío XII, 6 (Entrada independiente por Javier de Barkaiztegi)
943 989 122 (información) 943 989 110 / 943 989 120 (cita previa)

Avenida de Guipuzkoa, 40 (bajo – Buztintxuri)
948 979 200 (información) 948 979 203 (cita previa)

Fee: You will have to pay a fee of 16,24 euros when you make the request. You have 10 days to pay it.

The administration has 45 days to answer you. If they give you pernission of reuniting your family, your relative has to do the following:

– You have two months to ask for the visa in the office of the Consulate of the Spanish State. You also need your passport, a medical certificate and antother that certifies that you don’t have previous crimes and the original documentation of family connections.

– Ethe cosulate has a maximum of two months to give you the visa.

– The person reunited, after arriving in the Spanish State has one month to solicit the ID Card for foreigners (TIE)

– Take into account that this authorization will end on the same date that the person who who asked to be reunited with you.