Labour Integrence Residence

What is they residency for labour integrence?

Authorization of a temporary residence. If you receive it, take into acoccunt that it only lasts one year. After that time you willl have to seek another authorization.

Labour integrence residence allows you to work and you don’t need ask for a visa.

Sometimes labour integrence isconfusused with social integrence, but there are differences:

What requirements do you need to solicit a permission for labour permission for labour intengrence?

Demonstrate that you have been living in the Spanish state for, at least, two years continuouly. For that we recommend that we recommend in another part that you sign up with city hall as soon as possible. It is the best documentation that you can give, although also you can also use municipal documents or of public health (doctor visits, being in the hospital) where your name appears and that demonstrates that you have been living here during this time.

A work contract isn’t necessary, but you must assure that you have been working for at least 6 months. If you didn’t have permission for residency and work, it is clear that if one has been working in an irregular way, without a contract. But if you can confirm that you have been working you will have to denounce the business (or the person who hired you). Look, working without a permission or residency or work. Every situation is differen t you will have to decide what is the more convenient way out for you. If you have been working without a contract, but your employer is willing to make one and you have been living for three years here, surely it would be best to solicit a permit for social permanence.

More information about the requirements and necessary documentation:

Where to go to solicit residency for working permanance?

You have to solicit it in in the office for foreigners in the province where you live:

Olagibel 1 (Gasteiz)
945 759 490 (información) 945 759 480 (cita previa)

Gran Vía 50 (Bilbao).
944 509 435 (información) 944 509 434 (cita previa)

Plaza Pío XII, 6 (Entrada independiente por Javier de Barkaiztegi)
943 989 122 (información) 943 989 110 / 943 989 120 (cita previa)

Avenida de Guipuzkoa, 40 (bajo – Buztintxuri)
948 979 200 (información) 948 979 203 (cita previa)

Fee: You will have to pay a fee of 37,52 euros when you make the the solicitation. You have a time of 10 days to pay it. These fees correspond to 2018. When they approve the budget of 2019 there could be changes.

The administratrion has 3 months to answer you. If they give you residency, you have one month to ask for the Foreign residency card. (TIE)