Where to go to register with town hall?

What it does

If you are a migrante, the first paper that you need to have is that of registering with the town hall. This document certifies that you have a home address. It is also very important to ask for residency by ties to the community, for example.

Registering with the town hall is also necesary to ask for public aid,to ask for the health services card, or to school your children.


To register yourself you need to go to your town hall or the offices that the town hall has in the different neighborhoods. Also, you can do it online in some cases. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can solicit information by telephone with the number 010 (it’s the numeber with a normal fee).

Anyway, you have here the numers for information for the town halls of the different capitals:

Bilbo: 944 010 010
Donostia: 943 481 000
Gasteiz: 945 161 100
Iruñea: 948 420 100

And you have to bring the following documentation:

– A document of identification (passport)

– A rental contract of your home in your name. Surely you don’t have the necessary resources to be able to rent an apartment in your name. In this case, you have to bring the rental contract (or of the property) of the flat, a copy of the ID document of the person who is named in it and a signed authorization. If you have rented a room, ask for these documents from the person who rented to you.

Although you don’t have papers, don’t be afraid to register with the town hall.

Many times migrants without papers are afraid to register with the town hall. However, the information of the registry are protected by law, so that the town hall won’t give them to the police, nor can the police ask the town hall for the information of foreigners who have registered.

Renewing the registration

If you are a migrante, take into account that the registry isn’t renewed automatically and that you will have to renew it every two years.