If you are a migrante, the first paper that you need to have is that of registering with the town hall. This document certifies that you have a home address. It is also very important to ask for residency by ties to the community, for example.

In the Spanish state there are two regimes for foreigners: the regime of the European Community, for those who come from the European Union, and the genereal regime for foreign residents who come from the rest of the world.

It is a temporary residency authorization. If it is given to you, take into account that it only lasts one year. After that time you will have to solicit another authorization.

Authorization of a temporary residence. Sometimes labour integrence is confusused with social integrence, but there are differences

It’s an authorization that for being a relative of a legal resident in the Spanish state. The person who needs to reunite their family needs to accredit that they have work or the means necessary of employment or economic means.

Although you don’t have a Residency or Work permit, you have the same labour rights as any other worker. The businessman will nor denounce you. If you don’t have a residency permit, but can demonstrate that you have work, you can get temporary residency authorization.

There is not regulation about it, but there is a sentence from the Supreme Court in favour of workers’ rights: if the documents of a migrant workerare out of date, it isn’t a reason for them to be fired.

If you’re a migrant, we recommend you apply for your health care card as soon as possible, whatever your administrative status.

If you are a non-EU citizen and you want to return to your home country, you can apply for the voluntary return plan.